Claire Zelinskas


Current Assignment:
ANTH 390-080
Palaces, Priests, and Pyramids


Years as a Writing Fellow: One

Major: Medical Technology with Pre-Med Interest

Minor: Biology

Class of: 2005

Activities: Private tutor in General and Organic Chemistry, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Delaware Student Representative, Red Cross Volunteer

Awards: MBNA Delaware Scholar, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Medical Technology Alumni Award, Honors Day Book Award.

I am originally from Valdosta, Georgia, but I have lived in many places throughout the United States, as I am a military brat.  This made for an interesting life growing up, always switching schools, friends, and states.  My mom used to tell me that all of the moving around would give me character; however, I think she was just trying to make me feel better.  It was actually the military that brought me to Delaware, however, and I have lived here ever since.  After graduation I would like to attend medical school and become a practicing pediatric neurosurgeon.  I know that writing for some can feel like brain surgery, but I am here to make the process easier.  Bring me your experiences, ideas, and insights because I am ready to help!