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Nutrition for Healthy Living

The last Trainer’s Corner covered different strength training phases (endurance, basic, advanced), if you missed it, go here to read more. It is time to talk about the other side of healthy weight loss and maintenance, nutrition. Some experts argue that nutrition makes up 70-80% of healthy weight loss and maintenance. That is a huge chunk that most people miss out on. The following is not a prescribed plan, it is simply some things to think about and some suggested avenues to take.

A¬†great way to see how your nutritional intake affects you is to log what you are eating for an entire week. This will give you a good look at your average caloric intake as well as the macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). This may seem tedious; however, smart phone apps have made it incredibly simple, and most are free to use. One well established app is “My Fitness Pal”, it has a barcode scanner so you can more easily find what you are eating, and it is connected to a website with an extensive food database. Below are some screen shots of what the app looks like and what a not-so-great day might look like. But, have not fear, there is also a weekly view so you can see how the week pans out.

This is important because a lot of people do not understand what they put into their bodies. For instance, did you know it takes walking an entire football field to burn off 1 regular M&M?! Think of it this way, if someone were holding an M&M for you at the end of a football field, would you go get it?

Summary: Nutrition is a very important part of staying healthy and most physically active individuals do not pay much attention to their nutritional intake. A lot of people think that being physically active is the key to weight loss and weight management, the fact is, it is only a part of the equation. Take a look at the other part of that equation, nutrition.

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