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What are your fitness goals?

Basic Strength
For someone who has not strength trained before or is recently new to strength training. This is also for anyone who is coming off an extended break from strength training and would like to get back on the bandwagon. Everyone should start here.

Advanced Strength

For someone who has been strength training for a couple months or longer and would like to ramp up their strength. This does not necessarily mean building tons of muscle, ladies. But muscle growth is part of gaining strength.


For runners, bikers, and for anyone who has been doing advanced strength training and now needs to switch it up. This gives your body a different challenge that it may not be used to.

Below is a chart of how you should cycle through all 3, basic, advanced, and endurance. This also gives you a visual on the intensity within each cycle. Remember, the volume of work should go down as the intensity increases.

Things to consider: If you have 4 to 5 days to commit to strength training, you can split up your workouts to get more recovery time. (Example: Monday – Shoulders, Tuesday – Legs, Thursday – Chest, Friday – Back) If you only have 3 days to commit, do a full body each day, but do not do strength training on back to back days with full body. The information on these pages is based on a full body workout.