Mammography Screening
Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 9am-4pm
Main St. by the
Trabant Center Parking Garage
Cost: 10 Wellness Dollars

Overview: The mobile mammography screening van is returning to the University of Delaware on Wednesday, June 12th. Screening mammograms are performed and processed by Beebe Medical Imaging, with the newest digital imaging technology currently available.

Target Audience:
All female employees who wish to be screened on the van should first check with their health insurance provider to find out whether they will cover the screening. Most providers cover one mammogram a year for women who are 40 or older and/or have a specific risk. If you have a problem with your breasts, or have breast cancer, you should not be screened on the van as they do not perform diagnostic mammograms.
Duration: Appointments will be 30 minutes in duration.

The van is managed and operated by Women’s Mobile Health Screening, LLC, a subsidiary of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, through a contract with Screening for Life, a Program of Delaware’s Division of Public Health.

Cost: The cost of the mammogram will be charged to your insurance carrier and you will be responsible for any co-pays this service may incur. This service will be treated as an annual mammogram as specified by your insurance coverage.

Additionally, this service will  cost 10 Wellness Dollars to cover the administrative costs of bringing the mobile mammography van to campus.

Registration: Follow these steps to schedule your appointment:

  • Register now on the HealthyU system.
  • Call the number listed in the confirmation email that you receive from the HealthyU System to schedule your appointment directly with the Women’s Mobile Health Screening staff.
Complete the checklist you receive from the Women’s Mobile Health Screening staff and bring all necessary paperwork and films with you to your appointment.