Group Relaxation Sessions

Take a break to renew your energy and mental focus with some mindful relaxation exercises. The sessions will be facilitated by Yolanda Chetwynd, a teacher at the Delaware Valley Zen Center in Newark. You’ll learn different types of easy breathing meditations, practice with the group and have a chance to ask questions about making your personal times of relaxation or meditation more enjoyable and effective.

Participants are encouraged to wear loose fitting pants and bring their own cushion to sit on. Floor mats will be provided, as well as other props to make you as comfortable as possible while sitting.


15 Wellness Dollars

Dates and Location

Wed. 12:10-12:50pm
9/25 - 12/18 (no class 11/20 and 11/27)
Room 260 Carpenter Sports Bldg.


Register online or call 831-8388

Facilitator Biography

Yolanda Chetwynd has practiced Zen Meditation for most of her life. Brought up in London England, she was introduced to Zen Buddhism as a child because of her father's meditation practice. She has had various Zen teachers from the Japanese Rinzai tradition.  Yolanda moved to Newark DE in 1987 with her husband who is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and has been part of the Newark and University Community since then.  Yolanda became a member of the Delaware Valley Zen Center here in Newark in 2007