Wellness Coaching

HealthyU wellness coaching is an individualized program that helps you make lasting healthy lifestyle changes in five key areas- physical activity, weight management, stress management, work/life balance and smoking cessation. 

Program Overview

  • Wellness coaching services are administered through the Office of Human Resources’ HealthyU Employee Wellness Program. Coaches have been trained by Wellcoaches, Inc. and hold degrees in health-related fields. Coach bio
  • What is wellness coaching and what can you expect from participating?
    You will meet with your coach by appointment in person or by phone. Your coach will help you discover, define, clarify and commit to specific action steps so that you can reach your wellness goals.  As the weeks go by, you’ll find your confidence growing as you set and reach your goals and begin living the healthy life you desire.
  • What coaching is not:
    Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is not about giving you the answers- participants work to determine their own priorities and to discover their own solutions with the guidance and support of their wellness coach. The goal of coaching sessions is to facilitate deep learning so you can tap into your own motivation and skills that will produce the lasting healthy habits.

Wellness Coaching Packages

    • Session #1 (60 minutes) - before your first session, you will complete a brief wellness questionnaire. During your first session you will review it with your coach and then create your wellness vision and commit to some long-term goals. Finally, you’ll choose 3-5 short-term goals to focus on in the coming week.
    • Sessions #2-5 (20-30 minutes) - your coach will help you explore your best experiences and lessons learned from each of the goals you worked on during the previous week. You’ll have a chance to explore new areas for growth and set goals for the next week.  Sessions are scheduled by appointment during regular business hours and must be completed within 3 months.
    • Six 30-minute sessions provide you with additional time to continue working with your wellness coach to set and meet your goals. You may purchase multiple continuing packages. Sessions are scheduled by appointment during regular business hours and must be completed within 3 months.

Learn More

Attend a free 30-minute information session where you can learn more about wellness coaching, try a coaching exercise and ask questions. All sessions are held in Room 261, 413 Academy St. Bldg. For upcoming workshops, visit LearnIT training calendar

How to get started

After you register for wellness coaching, the HealthyU staff will email you a packet of intake forms to complete. Once you complete and return your forms, a wellness coach will contact you to schedule your first session.
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