Graduate Program in Water Science and Policy

Our Faculty

The following faculty are available to advise graduate students in the Water Science & Policy program:


Shreeram Inamdar. Hydrology and biogeochemistry of watersheds; Climate and landuse change impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; Watershed management.



Luc Claessens. Hydrology and ecosystem processes; biogeochemistry; water resources engineering.

Joshua Duke. Land use, natural resource and environmental economics; law and economics; property rights.

Paul Imhoff. Transport of fluids and contaminants in multiphase systems; mass transfer processes in soil, groundwater, surface water, and in landfills; mathematical modeling.

Gerald Kauffman. Water supply, water quality, policy, droughts and floods; watershed planning and management.

Delphis Levia. Ecohydrology, forest biogeochemistry, snow science, field methods and instrumentation.

Holly Michael. Groundwater-surface water interaction in dynamic coastal systems; water in developing countries; geostatistical modeling.

Amy Shober. Soil fertility and nutrient management; interactions between soil/water management and environmental quality.

Rodrigo Vargas. Ecosystem processes, greenhouse gas fluxes, ecohydrology, micrometeorology, biogeochemistry, data-mining, global environmental change.


Carmine Balascio. Hydrologic modeling; surface water quality; storm water management.

Jacob Bowman. Wildlife restoration techniques; biometry; conservation biology; habitat modeling and management.

Daniel Cha. Population dynamics of biological wastewater treatment processes; biotransformation of environmental contaminants in natural and engineered systems.

Tracy DiLiberty. Geographical information systems; climatology; remote sensing.

Dominic DiToro. Water quality modeling; water quality and sediment quality criteria models for organic chemicals, metals, mixtures; organic chemical and metal sorption models; statistical models.

Cathleen Geiger. Impact of geophysical scale ice-water phase change on transportation and national security.

Judy Hough-Goldstein. Biological control; plant/insect interactions; invasive plants; insect pest management.

Chin-Pao Huang. Industrial wastewater management; aquatic chemistry; soil and groundwater remediation; environmental nanomaterials and processes.

Sunny Jardine. Economics of conservation; bioeconomic modeling; invasive species; biodiversity; mangrove conservation.

Deb Jaisi. Environmental biogeochemistry of both pristine and contaminated environments.

Yan Jin. Contaminant fate and transport; water quality technology.

Daniel Leathers. Meteorology, hydrology, water resources, climate change and variation.

David Legates. Hydroclimatology, precipitation and climate change; computational methods.

Julia Maresca. Microbial responses to environmental inputs using high-throughput sequencing, bacterial genetics and physiology.

Kent Messer. Environmental conservation; provision of public goods; behavioral response to risk.

Leah Palm-Forster. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Agri-environmental policy; Experimental Economics.

James Pizzuto. Fluvial geomorphology.

Sara Rauscher. Climate change; climate variability; climate-vegetation interactions; global and regional climate modeling

Afton Clarke Sather. Water policy and governance; sustainable development; water governance in China; environmental inequality and justice.  

Andrea Sarzynski. Carbon footprints;urban landuse and shrinking cities; urban governance; climate change policy; renewable energy policy

Donald Sparks. How metals and other contaminants bind to soils and move into water; remediation strategies for contaminated soils.

Yda Schreuder. Global resources, development and the environment; sustainable development; global climate change policies; international migration.

Neil Sturchio. Groundwater biogeochemistry and water-rock interactions; tracer applications of stable and radioactive isotopes; experimental studies of mineral-fluid interface processes using synchroton radiation;

Angelia Seyfferth. Contaminant and nutrient cycling at the plant-soil interface; biogeochemistry; international agriculture; plant-uptake of contaminants and nutrients.  

Young-Doo Wang Energy and environmental policy; economic analysis of alternative energy options; econometric applications.

Christopher Williams Wildlife population ecology; wildlife-habitat interaction; upland game bird ecology; waterfowl ecology.

Eric Wommack. Viral processes within natural ecosystems; viral metagenomics.

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