Hullihen Hall

Office of the
Vice President and University Secretary

Board of Trustees Policy Regarding Use of University Facilities

RESOLVED, that the following policy for guests, visitors, and outside organizations on the University campus be and is hereby approved to become effective immediately:

The University campus and facilities are principally for the use of the University community – students, faculty and staff. Visitors, guests, and outside organizations may utilize University facilities for events sanctioned by the University such as conferences, musical programs, dramatic productions, art exhibitions, athletic contests, etc., when space is available and be guests of members of the University community provided they conduct themselves in accordance with the standards of conduct established for members of the University community. In particular, individuals may not obstruct or disrupt normal activities on campus, or act so as to threaten or endanger the property, health or safety of others. Some campus events and some University facilities may be subject to further limitations regarding visitors, guests, and outside organizations when required for University purposes.

An individual or group of individuals who are not members of the campus community may be asked to leave the campus by a University official when:

(1) their behavior does not meet the standards of conduct established for the campus community;

or (2) they are in areas of the campus designated for the use of members of the University community or other invited individuals or groups.

Refusal to comply with such a request is a violation of State law and will be treated accordingly.

* * * * *

RESOLVED, that in the interest of developing the critical competence of the student body of this University, as well as maintaining a mature academic community, it is the policy of this University to sanction the invitation of outside speakers to the campus, even though it is recognized that in some instances these speakers may advocate positions unacceptable to the majority of the people of this State; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that such a policy of tolerance and objectivity shall not be regarded as placing the University's imprimatur on the content of any invited speaker's message and does not place the University in violation of its obligations to remain non-sectarian and non-partisan as required by Section 5103 of Title 14 of the Delaware Code; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that this policy shall be interpreted liberally, bearing in mind the reasons for its adoption, and that speakers invited pursuant to this section shall be permitted to come to the campus except where: (1) it is deemed likely that such speaker will call for the overthrow of our government by force, or (2) the presence of such a speaker raises, among University security personnel, serious concerns for the safety and well-being of members of the University community or University property; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that, in the interest of proper administration of this policy, student organizations of other University-affiliated organizations desiring to invite persons from outside the University to speak to student or other groups on the campus shall invite such persons only after obtaining the approval of their faculty advisers; that the faculty advisers to student organizations acting in these matters shall approach the problem as one concerning the total University rather than a particular academic department or student organization; and that, where there is a question as to the appropriateness of the speaker or speakers to be invited, the faculty adviser shall confer with the related College dean or with the Vice President for Student Life before a decision is reached; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that any speaker or other non-University personnel must abide by University rules, regulations, and policies, and shall only speak in the room or area designated by the University.

* * * * *

RESOLVED, that the University may hereafter grant permission to political, religious, or other outside organizations to use the campus or facilities of the University when the University is compensated for applicable space rental and all related expenses, and the group or organization meets University insurance requirements; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the University may waive compensation for space rental and related expenses from the political, religious, or other outside organization when such organizations have a relationship to University divisions, when such meetings shall be of educational value to the student body, faculty and citizens of the State who shall be permitted access to all meetings of such groups, and when the use by said group is not in violation 14 DE Code 5103. Departments or campus organizations sponsoring such groups shall be responsible for funding any related costs where applicable. In unusual circumstances, exceptions to this policy may be made by the President of the University if, in his judgment, definite benefit to the University will result; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the University retains discretion in the application of these guidelines regarding use of University facilities by outside organizations; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that no outside organization shall use the campus or facilities without first providing the University a written description of the proposed use and then receiving written authorization from the University. A copy of the written authorization must be available for inspection by University personnel upon request during such outside organization's use of the campus or facilities, and failure to produce such request shall be grounds for immediate dismissal of such outside organization from the campus or facilities.

* * * * *

RESOLVED, that the athletic and recreation facilities of the University are principally for the use of the University community; and,

FURTHER RESOLVED, that it is the policy of the University that its athletic and recreation facilities only be available for use by outside groups when the scheduling of said use does not interfere with the principal use of the facilities, the outside group compensates the University for applicable space rental and all related expenses, and the group meets University insurance requirements. In unusual circumstances exceptions to this policy may be made by the President of the University.