Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The University of Delaware uses Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, for its telephone service. VoIP provides 4-digit dialing and voice mail boxes as well as free nationwide long-distance calling.

VoIP transmits phone calls over a data network along with computing data traffic. VoIP offers a sustainable phone service over one network.


During the VoIP implementation in the late summer and early fall of 2013, traditional analog telephones were replaced, to the fullest extent possible, with a VoIP "like" phone. Since the implementation, departments have been provided with the opportunity to notify Telephone Services of any analog telephones (cordless, conference, desk) that were missed in the original deployment, and the phones were replaced at no cost to the department. Beginning September 1, 2014, any department with a traditional telephone that needs replacement will be charged the full cost of the VoIP phone as listed under Fees, adds, moves, changes, new service.

Centrex Legacy Voice Mail Users

If you use the Centrex Legacy Voice Mail system, please follow these Voice mail set up instructions beginning April 1. If you have specific questions, send email to Telephone Services.

Voice Mail Access Telephone Number Change

To access your voice mail on your VoIP phone, dial 7000 on your phone or 302-831-7000 for remote access.

The VoIP phone system does not use the older voice mail phone number (4000).

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