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Lasher Lab renovations help with poultry disease diagnostics and research

OUR UD | Lasher Laboratory, a University and regional leader in avian diagnostics and disease research, received a $4 million renovation this spring.

The renovations, completed courtesy of funding from the Delaware General Assembly, serve to help with avian research diagnosis and early detection surveillance of avian diseases that have the potential to devastate the state’s poultry industry.

“The Lasher Lab represents the front line of defense for diagnosing and controlling avian diseases, critically servicing the state’s $3.2 billion poultry industry,” said Mark Rieger, dean of UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Lasher will be the go-to place if there is an outbreak of avian influenza. Thanks to the strong support supplied by the state, the lab has been completely renovated and now provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and surveillance services for the agricultural industryin Delaware.”

Rieger added that Lasher is the newest addition to CANR’s facilities and is part of a network that comes together across the three counties to meet agriculture and natural resources needs in the state and the region.


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