VOLUME 23 #2

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Headline: Inventing Tomorrow

To address the grand challenges and great debates of our time, the University of Delaware boldly rejects the confines of academe’s ivory tower. Across the world, our students, faculty and alumni are meeting inextricable problems at their source, digging through the complexities of our shared world and bringing our innovation to bear on the issues that bind. 

UD is in the vanguard of solving some of our most vexing challenges—of race and violence in troubled cities; of health and wellness in our most vulnerable populations; of injury in our athletes and soldiers; of environmental degradation across the globe. Our task is big; our resolve is bigger still.  On the following pages, you will find a small but substantive sample of the many ways we are Inventing Tomorrow.

Fuel of the Future

Head First

The Payne Prescription

Getting Mobile, Going Global


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