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From Our President

UD President Patrick T. Harker

Spring has sprung in Newark, and UD's cycle of life continues. As the Class of 2012 leaves the University of Delaware, the Class of 2016 prepares its arrival. Building the perfect class of Blue Hens is a difficult task, but it's one that our Admissions Office does demonstrably well.

Every year, the Admissions team pores over the applications of thousands of UD hopefuls—this year, more than 27,000—in an effort to get to know the students behind the transcripts, test scores and essays. They're looking for academic talent, of course, and they find it. (They find a lot of it.) They're looking for leadership, curiosity, creativity and passion—a combination that's virtually unbeatable.

They're also looking to assemble a class that will derive strength from diversity—diversity in background and culture, in race and ethnicity, in ideas, opinions, experiences and perspectives. This diversity is central to graduating individuals who are capable of nuanced and critical thinking, individuals who can communicate and connect with others, who can identify and achieve common goals, who can build relationships and rapport with people who look and act nothing like themselves, who can think in new ways about the problems that persist locally and globally—and imagine new solutions.

This last part is important, because while we seek diversity in the students who will make UD their home, there is a quality we hope all Blue Hens will share—a deep and abiding interest in improving the human experience. We hope they'll take inspiration from alumni who've dedicated themselves to service: Rear Adm. Cynthia Coogan (Ret.), protecting U.S. maritime safety, security and environment; Barbara Taylor, helping women and men find a healthier work–life "fit"; Anthony Di Stasio, supplying safer weapons to U.S. combat soldiers; Tony Anderson, using hip-hop to motivate disengaged middle schoolers.

Spring is always an exciting time on campus. That's because, every year, we know that as our newest alumni leave UD to go make their mark on the world, and our newest Blue Hens begin packing up their bedrooms and head to Newark, we have a brand-new opportunity to create the University—and the caring, committed community—we want to be.

Patrick T. Harker
President, University of Delaware

P.S. I hope you'll come back home for Alumni Weekend, June 1–3, to see firsthand the University we're creating. We've got a lot to show you.

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