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Jim Soles changed my life: “We are born Americans, but that is simply a matter of birth. I challenge you to become a citizen by earning the title through your actions, through your participation, through your commitment and through your dedication.” —Jim Soles, speaking at Winter Commencement, Jan. 6, 2007

Following are responses, listed by author, received by the UD Messenger when editors asked those alumni and others whose lives were touched by Prof. Jim Soles to share their memories and thoughts. Some of these comments were excerpted in the print magazine, but this is a more complete selection.

Charles R.E. Lewis III, AS75
Former 60 Minutes producer,
founder of the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C.,
as well as the Fund for Independence in Journalism
and now Distinguished Journalist in Residence at American University

Atnre Alleyne
Doctoral student, political science and international relations

Tara Patel, AS10

Thomas R. Carper, BE75M
U.S. Senator

Mimi Boudart, AS73

Alexandra Duszak, AS11

William L. Witham Jr., AS70
Judge, Delaware Superior Court

Celia Cohen, AS74
Political journalist

John Doble, AS71, 75M

M. Jane Brady, AS73
Judge, Delaware Superior Court

Kevin J. DiMedio, AS89

W. Leighton Lord III, AS86

Catherine Soles Pomeroy

William B. Chandler III, AS73
Former chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery

Susan Hugel, AS73, 74M

Paul M. Ruiz Jr., AS10
Research assistant, UD Center for Community Research & Service

Carys Golesworthy, AS11
UD master's degree student, economics and applied econometrics

Claire M. DeMatteis, AS87
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary

Kevin Petrasic, AS81

Richard Mroz, AS83
Principal, Mroz Government Affairs

Joe Asher, AS90
President and CEO, Brandywine Bookmaking

Paige Barton, AS12

Mark Kleinschmidt, AS82
President, New Castle County (Del.) Chamber of Commerce

Ed Zygmonski, AS71

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