VOLUME 16 #3

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Dear alumni, parents and friends

UD President Patrick T. Harker

Thank you for your continuing interest in and support of UD. As always, we hope this latest issue of the University of Delaware Messenger helps you maintain and strengthen your connections to our institution, while keeping you informed about some of the exciting programs and initiatives throughout the University as we move along the Path to ProminenceTM.

I'm sure you've noticed some changes in the magazine you're holding, beginning with its smaller dimensions, which are in keeping with our move toward more sustainable practices in its manufacture. This is a priority as the entire University focuses on environmental issues.

The cover of this issue looks different as well. While the magazine's name has not changed, our cover now features the word "Delaware" more prominently, identifying it more clearly as a UD publication. Going forward, the magazine will be published three times a year with this year's separate" Report of Private Support" also published near the end of the calendar year.

We know from our recent Reader Survey that the vast majority of you enjoy the UD Messenger. In fact, 95.9 percent of readers who completed our survey described themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with the magazine. We also know that our readers want a mix of information, saying they always or usually read news about research, programs and students at the University, as well as stories about alumni and alumni programs and events.

In a recent letter to the entire University community, I wrote about what effect the current economic situation here and abroad will have on the Path to ProminenceTM and our plans for UD's future. In many ways, I think these uncertain times make our srategic plan more important than ever. During a period of more limited resources, we are clearly defining our goals, focusing on our priorities and making sure that all our activities support and enhance our mission.

We will continue to stage initiatives and focus on facing current challenges together. We are not on a predetermined timetable for accomplishing specific milestones. Our principles - our core values - will help us make the best decisions. We will continue to be vigilant for opportunities to enhance our most important priorities: our high academic standards, the quality of the student experience, research opportunities and service to the community.

The good news is that the University entered this volatile market cycle in a very strong position, and I am convinced that, in time, the economy will stabilize and grow.

Your connection to the Unveristy is very important to its future. Please continue to keep in touch, not only by reading this magazine and offering your feedback but also by visiting campus, getting involved and attending alumni events in your area. I know you'll be inspired by all the things that are happening here.

Patrick T. Harker
President, University of Delaware

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