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From our readers

Jessica Thompson

I certainly enjoyed the feature article on Robin Miller, AS ’86, who hosts a regular cooking show on the Food Network. The author, Crystal Buck, AS ’08M, did an excellent job of highlighting Robin’s path to becoming a TV performer.

It might interest your readers to know a bit about Nancy Diehl, CHEP ’52. Nancy had majored in home economics and was approached by [Wilmington,
Del., television station] Channel 12 in the fall of 1952 to host a daily cooking show. Although extremely apprehensive about doing live TV, Nancy decided to give it a try. Remember, she had no TV experience nor training, but she gathered her wits and her materials and made the trip to the Wilmington studio five days per week. At the time, Nancy became something of a local/campus celebrity. Professors were using her as an example of what one can accomplish if you wanted it badly enough.

I’ve been happily married to another fine cook for 51 years, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve erased Nancy Diehl from my memory! Thanks to Crystal Buck and the Messenger for the trip down Memory Lane.

John Rosebery, AS ’53

Editor’s note: Nancy (Diehl) Bergstresser, now of Orlando, Fla., recalls the two years she hosted cooking shows on then-WDEL-TV as “so much fun that I would have done it even if I hadn’t gotten paid.”

My wife, Jeanne V. Schramm (nee Vannoy, CHEP ’63) is a graduate of the University of Delaware, so we receive the Messenger, as well as alumni magazines from five other schools. After examining several issues of the Messenger, I decided to write to you to let you know how impressed I am with the high quality of your publication.

I was, at one time, the photographer for a local college, so I look upon photographs with the eye of a professional photographer. That being said, let me state that the photographic work in the Messenger is outstanding. Your photographers should be commended.

I should also mention that the layout work in your magazine is, in my opinion, very well done and that the articles are very well written and, more important, quite interesting.

All in all, the Messenger is the highest quality alumni magazine I have ever seen. You and your staff have every reason to be proud of your work.

Robert W. Schramm
P rofessor Emeritus,
West Liberty State College


How happy and thrilled my husband and I were to see the photo from our November 2007 “Go Hens!” party in the Messenger that arrived in July. Thank you so much for publishing it.

It was wonderful of you to devote so much time and effort to finding out all those graduation years and degrees. I especially like the way the photo is positioned opposite the “Commitments” page of wedding photos. We Delaware grads in the picture love our alma mater and our football team, and quite a few of the couples are Double Dels!

Peggy Leneis, AS ’70


From our editors

With this issue, the University of Delaware Messenger has a new look and some new features, including the Letters to the Editor section you see on this page. If you would like to comment on the magazine’s content, we invite you to submit a letter, either by mail to UD Messenger, 105 East Main Street, Newark, DE 19716, or by e-mail to messenger@udel.edu. Letters must include the writer’s full name, graduation year and contact information. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and style.

We also thank the hundreds of readers who took time to complete the Reader Survey inserted in the previous issue of the magazine. Three respondents were selected at random to receive $100 gift certificates to the UD Bookstore. They are Jennifer Post Stoudt, AS ’95, of Fleetwood, Pa.; Tom Wix, AS ’83, of Alpharetta, Ga.; and Rhonda Rust de la Mar, AS ’92, of Elkridge, Md. Congratulations to the winners.

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