Where would an applicant go to get answers to questions on how or what should be included in the application? Is there an on-line help feature?
In addition to reviewing the Applicant Instructions, please review these FAQ's to see if your questions are answered, if not please email your questions to hremployment@udel.edu.

Do all applicants have to apply on-line?
Yes. The University of Delaware only accepts resumes and applications through the on-line application system. You can apply for a job from any computer with Internet access. If you do not have a computer with Internet access, the Office of Human Resources has computers specifically designated for online job applicants. Our location and hours are as follows:

    Office of Human Resources
    413 Academy Street
    Newark, DE 19716
    Phone: 302-831-2171

    Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How does an Applicant include a cover letter?
The applicant will have to combine the resume and cover letter into a single document and upload it as part of the application process. A cover letter cannot be submitted separately.

How will applicants submit letters of recommendation?
Letters of recommendation cannot be submitted separately via the online system. Please include the contact information, (name, address, e-mail address, phone number) of where the letters should be sent in your job posting.

Will applicants be able to submit samples of their work (writing, art work, etc.), if required?
No. If the department requires writing/art samples, the contact information will be included in the job advertisement. Samples cannot be uploaded into the PeopleSoft system.

Is there anything I should do before I start the Request to Recruit form?
Yes, take the time to consider whether or not the job description has been updated or needs to be updated, identify the search committee and where you would like to advertise the position. In addition, consider and salary limitations and start dates. If you would like to discuss your concerns contact our office.

Why do I have to cancel my Request to Recruit and start another one?
A Request to Recruit would need to be canceled, if the position reflected on the form, which is automatically populated from PeopleSoft differs from either the attached job description or from the position for which you are recruiting.

We don't have a lot of money in our budget, where should we advertise?
The recruitment staff has a database of publications: http://www.udel.edu/udjobs/resources/adinfo.html and can help you determine where you can gain the most exposure for your advertising dollars. Call the Recruitment office at 831-2171 for assistance.

Can I still post the ad in a specialized publication on my own?
Yes, however, the recruitment staff is willing to do that for you. By having the recruitment staff involved, we are able to better track which publications are a good resource for recruiting candidates campus-wide. If you choose to continue to advertise on your own, please notify us of which publication(s) you are using, so that we can put this information in our search files.

Can I get a copy of the job description prior to composing my ad?
Yes, contact Classification and Compensation at 831-2171 or via email at hr-class@udel.edu to request a copy.

What do I do if the job qualifications do not match the job description?
Contact Classification and Compensation at 831-2171 or hr-class@udel.edu. The job cannot be advertised until the qualifications in the posting match the job description.

When will our position be advertised?
In most cases a position will be posted the day after it is approved by Recruitment. Postings will appear on the UD employment hotline the next day. External advertisements will appear in print according to established deadlines for the requested publication.

Can I extend the deadline for a job posting? Yes, contact the Recruitment office at 831-2171 for assistance.

How does the search committee know what they are responsible for and what should and should not be done during the process?
A meeting can be arranged with a representative from Human Resources, who will go over the search process with the group. Please call the office to set up this meeting. Information can also be found at the following websites:

How does the search committee get access to the resumes?
Once the Request to Recruit/Advertising & Search form has been approved, an access request will be generated to allow search committees and search liaisons access to the resumes housed in PeopleSoft. Access should be given automatically upon approval of the form and they will be notified via e-mail.

How will external search committee members get access to the resumes?
External search committee members will not have access to PeopleSoft. The search liaison will need to provide copies of the resumes and applications to the external member.

When do I check references?
References for your top one or two candidates can be checked after the interviews and prior to an offer. Let the candidate know you will be checking their references. You can find more information at this website: http://www.udel.edu/udjobs/resources/reference.html

Does my selected applicant need a criminal background check?
Yes. Effective January 1, 2011, the University of Delaware implemented a criminal background check policy for all selected candidate. A selected candidate must have a criminal background check completed prior to beginning employment. A selected candidate who refuses to undergo a criminal background check shall be deemed ineligible for employment and shall not be hired.

How will the search committee know if a candidate is an internal or external applicant?
If it is an external posting, the committee will have to review the resume to find that information. If the posting is limited to internal employees only, they will have to answer a pre-screening question, "Are you a current University of Delaware employee?" If they answer "No", they will not be permitted to complete the application process.

The job has been filled. I want to notify all of the applicants about the outcome. How should I do this?
If you would like to prepare a mail merge, the Recruitment office can provide you with an excel spreadsheet that contains the applicants information. You can also notify the applicants via e-mail merge. For help with this, please contact IT Client and Support Services at http://www.it.udel.edu/contact or call 831-6000.

Will the new system automatically recognize and parse international addresses and phone numbers?

Can I get a copy of the electronic file if I need it for a federal audit?
Yes, contact the Recruitment office and we can provide you with the information.

What is the process for hiring a postdoctoral researcher, postdoctoral fellow or limited term researcher?
Department will need to submit an RTR; select yes for waived search. However, you'll need to complete the following advertising information in order to complete the process: Advertise Begin Date (use current date); Ad Title and Ad description (these are needed in order to provide a link to the candidate to apply). Also, you'll need to provide the candidate's name and email address in the comments section of the form. One search committee member will need to be identified (please type the HR Liaison or form originator and identify them as the chair – this is a required field).

Once all required fields are completed, please submit. When the form is received by recruitment, we will approve it and email a link to the candidate so they can complete the application process.