Tips for Advertising

The information below is provided to help you successfully advertise your position. For questions about advertising, please contact

  • Position description should be current: Please review the position description BEFORE you begin the Request to Recruit process. It should accurately represent actual qualifications and responsibilities as well as job specifications. For exempt (professional) and nonexempt (salaried staff), position descriptions are the documents on which the University bases position postings, job interviews, and performance appraisals. For nonexempt (salaried staff), position descriptions have been written to include most skills necessary for that position. If you have other skills that you feel your position will need, you may want to add them to the ad text as "preferred". ┬áIf the exempt (professional staff) position description is more than three years old, it should be reviewed and/or updated with Classification & Compensation. For further assistance with position descriptions, see If your ad text does not match the job description on file, the job description will take precedence.
  • Standard format for the UD Hotline is as follows: The text in red below shows samples of specific information that may be included about the position.

This position is grant funded.
This position is located in Wilmington, Delaware.
For all faculty descriptions, the following statement will be included:] The curriculum vitae and all application materials shall be shared with departmental faculty.
General information about the department will not be included. If you feel that departmental information is important to the job announcement, a "for more information" statement will be included in the "Responsibilities" section along with a link to the web page that you include.

  • Be specific: It is important to include specific responsibilities for the position, especially if you are advertising a nonexempt (salaried staff) position. The generic nonexempt (salaried staff) position descriptions are written to cover a wide variety of departments. If your position is NOT full-time, or if it is more than standard hours (37.5), please make note of this in your ad text. If the position is grant-funded or externally funded, please note this as well.
  • Deadline date: Please keep in mind: an application deadline may be extended, but it cannot be shortened. Once a position is posted with a deadline, it cannot close before that date.


  • Deadline date: To advertise in an external publication (i.e., newspaper, professional journal, web site, etc.), the recruitment period must be at least two weeks. To advertise in a monthly publication, you will need more lead time added to your application deadline. (Frequently used publications are included on the previous page.) The closing date will be determined before the position is posted on the UD Hotline.
  • Ad approval: Ad proofs will be sent to the Account Code Administrator indicated on the Request to Recruit Advertise form for approval before any outside ads are placed.  If someone else needs to approve the ads for text or style, please indicate so on your Request to Recruit form, or have the Account Code Administrator forward the proofs to that person.  Final approval needs to come from the Account Code Administrator.