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STAR Health features comprehensive clinical health services for UD employees and the public.

Introducing STAR Health

College Health of Sciences launches STAR Health, open to all Delawareans


1:10 p.m., Feb. 8, 2016--Navigating the health care system is no easy task. Those who have gone through a health complication or served as an advocate for a loved one know just how complex health care can be. Patients and caregivers often feel overwhelmed. 

But, the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences has a much different idea for the future of health care and, to showcase it, is launching STAR Health, which features comprehensive health clinics for UD employees and for the public. 

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“STAR Health is an integral part of the college’s mission,” says Kathleen Matt, dean of the College of Health Sciences and executive director of the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance. “We offer person-centered comprehensive health care and prevention services. Whether you are a patient, a partner, a health advocate or a medical professional, we want people across Delaware to come be a part of this venture.”

The major health and prevention services include: physical therapy, primary care, speech therapy, mental health services, care coordination, nutrition counseling, fitness counseling and health coaching. 

“Our practitioners utilize evidenced-based practice in an education setting,” says Carolyn Haines, family nurse practitioner in the Nurse Managed Primary Care Center. “With the patient as the focal point, we can offer a multi-disciplined, holistic approach that will promote health and wellness across the lifespan.”

The college wants to use research and education to take health care in a new direction. A key advantage of the academic health center is that this array of services is all available under one roof. 

In many current systems across the country, health care is delivered in silos. And, whether the person looking to maintain or improve your health or living with a chronic condition, connected care is better care. 

For example, a patient in the Parkinson’s Clinic might see a nurse practitioner, a dietitian, an exercise physiologist, a physical therapist and a speech pathologist — all in the same building. Then, STAR Health connects the patient with experts in neurology or psychology from clinical partners via telehealth technology. 

“All of the providers collaborate with the patient to build a seamless plan of care — connecting the dots that are sometimes scattered in health care,” says Sarah LaFave, program coordinator for service and experiential learning in the College of Health Sciences. “All the while, UD students are learning about comprehensive care, and our researchers are tracking outcomes and testing new technologies in hopes of improving future care.”

Housed at the University’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus, the academic health center will extend its impact far beyond its Newark headquarters. STAR Health gives the college a public-facing entity to train the next generation of health care leaders, placing them in the full spectrum of health settings. It also gives Delawareans the opportunity to experience this new direction in health care as patients and clients.

“STAR Health is the person-centered care model that is adaptable to any location,” says Michael Smith, director of strategic initiatives for the College of Health Sciences. “Of course, we want UD employees and the public to visit us on STAR Campus, but we hope in the future to bring our full suite of services and research to them right in their communities.”

The Nurse Managed Primary Care Center, Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic and Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic are all accepting new patients and clients. The clinics accept most insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid.

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