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SGA expresses support for statement by president, provost


September 12, 2013


The University of Delaware 


Jessica Borcky

President, Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at the University of Delaware supports the statement by President Harker and Provost Grasso.

As a voice for the student body and as a liaison between administration and students, we recognize that the entire University community should not be defined by this disconcerting occurrence, as “the vast majority of students did not and would not participate in such an embarrassing, dangerous and costly episode.” 

Along with the University, the Student Government Association does not condone this behavior, nor do we believe that these actions reflect the diverse, intellectual, and thoughtful student body.

The Student Government Association believes in representing a respectful, sensible, and accountable population defined by the students’ determination to bring about positive change. 

Let us be firm in our true Blue Hen pride, and take part in the positive legacy the majority of University of Delaware students deserve. 

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