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"Baby Blue Wins Gold," by first place winner Maggie Giambalvo.

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Three students honored for top shots in 2014 study abroad photo contest


8:29 a.m., March 19, 2014--More than 60 photos were submitted to the 2014 University of Delaware study abroad photo contest, “Blue Hens Around the World,” sponsored by the Institute for Global Studies.

Participants in 30 different programs submitted photos from locations around the world featuring a stuffed mini-Baby Blue mascot.

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Fulbright awards

Three University of Delaware students and an alumna have received word this spring that they will travel abroad as part of the newest class of Fulbright Student Program award winners.

Peace Corps plans

Two University of Delaware students, John McCarron and Bridgette Spritz, have been selected as Peace Corps volunteers and will serve in Ghana and Rwanda.

On Friday, March 14, the first place photo taken by Maggie Giambalvo was revealed at 44 Kent Way, the new home for UD’s global and graduate communities. The top three finalists, including runner-up Kelsey Dolye and third prize winner Elizabeth Baker, received prizes and shared details about their photographs. 

Giambalvo traveled to New Zealand on a kinesiology and applied physiology program with Nancy Getchell, associate professor.

The winning photo, “Baby Blue Wins Gold,” features Baby Blue atop a polished granite stone used in the sport of curling, which the group learned about when visiting the official training rink for the New Zealand Olympic curling team in Naseby. 

“It felt like we were on royal ice,” said Giambalvo, who added that curling looked much easier on television. 

In describing her photo, Gaimbalvo wrote, “My main goal of this trip was to gain an appreciation for the culture of New Zealand and to make as many memories as possible. Curling made me appreciate the active lifestyle of New Zealand and it is certainly an experience I will never forget.” 

Giambalvo said she has a new understanding for the sport, which does not receive much attention in the U.S. During the Winter Olympics, students from her program stayed connected while they watched the New Zealand curling team perform, exchanging messages showcasing their new knowledge of the sport. 

Doyle, who took second place, was the teaching assistant of Amy Johnson, professor, on the nursing program to Australia and Hawaii. Her photo, titled “Baby Blue Takes a Ferry Ride,” shows Baby Blue’s back as it looks out at the Sydney Harbor Bridge from the Manly Ferry. Doyle said she was trying to get a different perspective by having the landscape as the focal point instead of Baby Blue.

“It is neat to compare everyone’s perspectives. You get to see how they view [their program] through photos,” said Doyle.

Third place winner Elizabeth Baker submitted “Coral Identification – Level: Baby Blue,” an underwater shot of the duo diving and identifying ocean life in the Cayman Islands.  Baker studied marine science on her program with associate professors Adam Marsh and Mark Warner and Mark Moline, professor and director of the School of Marine Science and Policy. This photo was taken during one of her dives while she identified coral before running statistical analyses on biodiversity, fish counts and more.

“Baby Blue came on a working dive with me where we took out large photo quadrats which were used to take photos of the coral, and later used for coral identification and percent coral coverage estimations,” said Baker who was identifying a Orbicella annularis colony in the photo.

Baker and fellow student Donna Principe outfitted Baby Blue with its very own scuba suit made from zip ties, tin foil, a plastic bottle and pebbles.

During Winter Session, members of the University community were encouraged to “travel” along with study abroad participants by following #UDAbroad via Instagram and Twitter. Beginning on March 3, UDGlobal’s Instagram account showcased a top 10 countdown of photo contest submissions. These photos, including the photos from the #UDAbroad campaign, can be viewed on UDGlobal's Storify page. 

A complete listing of study abroad programs for the coming year can be found online. Students should attend interest meetings to gather more information, and should be aware of upcoming application deadlines, including April 20 for winter 2015 programs.

UD’s study abroad program recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. Widely regarded as the first study abroad program in the U.S., the University of Delaware sends more than 30 percent of its students abroad to earn college credits, acquire smart skills for the job market, gain new insights and perspectives, and develop a healthy dose of self-confidence. 

More than 1,100 students participated in UD study abroad programs led by 82 faculty members during summer 2013 and winter 2014.

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Article by Elizabeth Adams

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