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March 15: Green Liaisons

Green Liaisons to open spring presentations with session on portable meters


1:16 p.m., March 11, 2013--The University of Delaware Green Liaisons will kick off spring lunch presentations on Friday, March 15, from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., in the Perkins Student Center Alumni Lounge.

Guest speaker will be Anne-Marie Crossan, assistant director for facilities operations and energy, who will discuss how Green Liaisons (GLs) have access to portable meters for use in their organizations. These meters can measure the energy usage of any 120V-plug load.

GLs will be able to use these meters in conjunction with energy audits for their units, and will have flexibility in determining the best use of the meters in their organizations, whether it is for audits only, to encourage energy reduction competitions, or to develop individual goals for energy reduction.

The intent of the meters is to provide a tool to assist the GLs in their duties of encouraging individuals to take steps to reduce their energy usage for devices under their direct control (computers, refrigerators, coffee makers, stand-alone lighting, etc.).

While individuals do not have control over certain features within residence halls or offices, there are behavioral changes that can be made to reduce energy usage. Electricity usage is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions on campus, and plug loads represent a significant portion of the electrical usage in many buildings.

Encouraging individual behavior change (turning off monitors, eliminating phantom loads, using appropriate and efficient refrigerators, etc.) is one of the keys to continued community engagement in the University’s Climate Action Plan.

This project aims to make individuals aware of the impact that their actions have on energy usage on campus, and to encourage them to reduce their energy usage without negatively impacting themselves or others.

This project will be implemented by the GLs, with input from Facilities regarding use of metering and evaluation of data collected, as well as recommendations on follow-up measurements that can be taken. It is anticipated that GLs will learn a great deal about energy usage of various devices in offices and residence halls, and will be able to share some “best practices” that they observe with other GLs and the Sustainability Task Force.

Success of the program will be determined by repeat participation level by GLs, as well as documentation of actual energy reduction or behavior changes by individuals in their organizations.

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