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Cultural awareness project

PDI launches campaign to promote awareness of cultural celebrations


12:46 p.m., Feb. 5, 2013--A student’s idea is turning into a campaign, sponsored by the University of Delaware President’s Diversity Initiative, that will highlight activities and events related to cultural heritage celebrations.

Months that have been designated nationally as cultural celebrations include: 

Campus Stories

From graduates, faculty

As it neared time for the processional to open the University of Delaware Commencement ceremonies, graduating students and faculty members shared their feelings about what the event means to them.

Doctoral hooding

It was a day of triumph, cheers and collective relief as more than 160 students from 21 nations participated in the University of Delaware's Doctoral Hooding Convocation held Friday morning on The Green.

January: Middle Eastern Heritage Awareness Month

February: Black History Month

March: Women’s History Month

April: European American Heritage Month

May: Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

June: LGBT Pride Month

September: Latino Heritage Month

October: Americans with Disabilities Month

November: Native American Month

December: Indigenous Heritage Month

Select events that different groups are sponsoring will be featured in various places online, including the @UD events calendar and on UD social media with the hashtag #UDiversity. 

“We hope that this campaign generates increased awareness of diverse events on campus and encourages people to participate in events that will enhance their appreciation of diversity,” said Margaret Andersen, executive director of the President’s Diversity Initiative. “We also want to take advantage of various social media that students use to promote diversity.”

Student groups and other organizations that are sponsoring events can get additional publicity by filling out the form available here.

Student diversity initiative

The idea for promoting more awareness of existing events originated with Andrew Shermeyer, a junior history major. Shermeyer submitted a proposal this fall when the President’s Diversity Initiative sought student-inspired projects to help build and support a diverse, welcoming campus for all. 

Shermeyer said he hopes that “this campaign will encourage students to investigate other cultures and traditions.”

“I believe that the UD community can learn that diversity is closer than they think. Everyone has a different story to tell and, as a community, we need to listen,” he said. 

This campaign allows Blue Hens to experience diverse cultures as well as share their own. Andersen said she believes higher education is the perfect time for students to immerse themselves in diverse experiences. 

“We’ve taken diversity to be one of the core values of our institution because learning in a more diverse environment enhances learning for everyone. There’s no better time in your life to expose yourself to diverse people and experiences,” said Andersen. 

This effort is a collaboration between the Office of Communications and Marketing and the President’s Diversity Initiative. 

About UD diversity

Many programs at the University of Delaware work in conjunction to support and foster a diverse learning environment including the President’s Diversity Initiative, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Center for the Study of Diversity and many others.

Visit this website to learn more about diversity programs at UD and to experience UD’s celebrations of diversity all year long.

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