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UD Career Services for Athletes is using a video spoof to communicate services and engage student-athletes.

Career Services for Athletes

Video spoof highlights UD's Career Services for Athletes program


2:53 p.m., Aug. 22, 2012--The University of Delaware’s Christine Motta is encouraging Blue Hen student-athletes to make an appointment, to follow her on Twitter, or to Call Her Maybe.

It seems as if Motta, who runs the Career Services for Athletes program at UD, has joined the Call Me Maybe craze. The popular song, performed by Carly Rae Jepsen, has inspired lip-synced versions from groups around the country. Career Services for Athletes decided to join in on the fun.

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“We were trying to figure out a way to reach out to our student-athletes and communicate our services in a fun way.  A few of our athletes agreed to participate in the filming of the video, and the project took off,” said Motta. “It’s important that our athletes know what we can offer them, and how they can take ownership of how to prepare for life after sport. We want them to know where we are located, that we have resources to help them prepare, and that taking a few steps in the right direction early in their college career can help them figure out how to reach their career goals after graduation and beyond.”

Motta splits her workweek in two campus locations. She has an office in the Career Services Center on Academy Street, as well as an office in the Delaware Field House at the athletic complex. This allows her to be accessible to athletes in between classes, as well as before and after athletic practice sessions.

“It’s a strategic approach,” explains Motta, a former captain and assistant coach of the UD women’s basketball team. “Our athletes have tremendously rigorous schedules, and don’t have a lot of time in between classes, workouts, and meetings. I want them to know that I understand their life as an athlete, that I can be accessible to them and meet them where they are, so they can benefit from the information and guidance we can give them.”

Since the addition of Motta as a career services professional to solely serve athletes, the Career Services Center has seen an exponential increase in athlete engagement. However, there are still many athletes that could benefit from these services, and Motta hopes to continue this growth in interaction through creative outreach and quality career advisement for athletes.

“That’s the biggest thing. We want our athletes to make Career Services for Athletes a part of their ‘to do list.’ We need them to receive the information that we have for them. We figured if we put it out there in a fun and popular way, it may encourage them to make an appointment or contact us.”

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