Newark Police Department announces enforcement of pedestrian laws


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4:48 p.m., Sept. 8, 2010----With the beginning of the fall semester, pedestrian traffic increases significantly in Newark.

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To promote safety and to positively affect the flow of vehicular traffic in areas around the University, the Newark Police Department has announced that it will be enforcing laws pertaining to pedestrians and crosswalk safety, as well as vehicle driver rights and duties regarding pedestrians.

Enforcement will take place in areas where large numbers of pedestrians cross the roads, including Delaware Avenue, Main Street, College Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and Elkton Road. Violations by both pedestrians and drivers will be cited.

Some of the laws being enforced include:

For pedestrians:

--When pedestrian signals are in place, pedestrians must obey the signal.
--Pedestrians cannot leave the curb and step into the path of an oncoming car.
--If crossing not within a crosswalk, pedestrians must yield right of way to vehicles.
--Between adjacent intersections at which traffic-control signals are in operation, pedestrians shall not cross at any place except in a marked crosswalk.
--Pedestrians cannot walk upon the roadway if a sidewalk is provided.

For drivers:

--If there is no pedestrian signal in place, a driver must yield to a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk.
--No vehicle can pass another vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk.

For information about traffic laws, contact the Newark Police Department's Traffic Division at (302) 366-7110, ext. 105.