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11:05 a.m., Oct. 22, 2010----Two University of Delaware webforms, the Requisition/Vendor Payment Request and the Request for Payment to an Individual, will soon begin to display new, enhanced features, it was announced today by Procurement Services.

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Users of the two webforms will have the opportunity to select from an active or inactive vendor listing when selecting the supplier of choice.

An aggressive cleanup of the University vendor file has placed numerous vendors in the inactive pool. Users will no longer be entering a short vendor name, when searching for a vendor, but rather will be able to pick from an active vendor listing.

The inactive vendors have shown no activity for the last 18 months.

It is expected that users will choose a vendor from the active vendor listing whenever possible, and only select an inactive vendor if they are not available as an active vendor.

Displaying an up-to-date, clean vendor file will allow for a more rapid search.

There will also be a choice to select from two separate business units, UOD01 for the University of Delaware and UOD03 for 1743 Holdings, LLC. The default on the forms will be for the University of Delaware business unit UOD01.

The creation of the Requisition/Vendor Payment Amendment Request webform is nearly complete.

When requesting changes to an existing purchase order, this form will assist in pooling all of the pertinent information pertaining to the request in one place, rather than sending a series of emails, as is the current practice.

This amendment request webform will allow a user to fill in the request ID or the purchase order number and this will display all the pertinent information from the already existing purchase order. The form can then be routed for approval of the change.

The coding on the form will allow for automatic approval routing, based on dollar amount and organizational structure. This automatic approval routing will be functional with the Requisition/Vendor Payment Request and the Request for Payment to an Individual, as well.

An added feature of the Amendment Request webform will be an option to “close” an existing order to allow for clean record keeping.

Those who have questions should contact Procurement Services via email at [] or by phone at 831-2161