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8:09 a.m., Oct. 12, 2010----The University of Delaware Library announces the addition of eight handsome new Group Study Rooms, which are located in the Periodicals Room on the first floor of the Morris Library.

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The construction of the Group Study Rooms was funded by the Unidel Foundation. Many students have requested having more Group Study Rooms in the library.

"I am very pleased that the Unidel Foundation supported the creation of these new group study rooms in the Morris Library,” Provost Tom Apple said. "I know that students are very appreciative of these new spaces to support their study and research."

Each of the eight Group Study Rooms are glass enclosed and can accommodate from four to six persons. The Group Study Rooms have electrical outlets and data connections for laptop use. Wireless connectivity is available in them as well as throughout the Periodicals Room.

“The University of Delaware Library is grateful to the Unidel Foundation for its support and generosity. Students study collectively now more than ever before and collaborative projects are customary. Surely, Group Study Rooms are in heavy demand and these new ones will be heavily used. Shortly after the furniture was placed into the new Group Study Rooms and in one case even before, the students promptly began to use them,” said Susan Brynteson, vice provost and May Morris Director of Libraries.

Group Study Rooms are available for use by students to provide for group discussion and collaboration with fellow students. The Group Study Rooms are not scheduled and are left unlocked at all times. Group use takes priority over use by an individual.

Gregg Silvis, assistant director for Library Computing Systems was the project manager for the newly added group study rooms.