Nov. 15: White Ribbon Alliance sets fundraiser
Students in Lisa McBeth-Snyder’s class selling White Ribbon Alliance pins.
Students from Lisa McBeth Snyder’s NURS411 High Risk Labor and Delivery class, with guest speaker and midwife, Marcia Welsh (center).


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10:29 a.m., Nov. 15, 2010----More than a third of the world's women still give birth without a healthcare worker. Facts such as this were displayed prominently during a presentation at the University of Delaware on Nov. 8 when a group of senior nursing students from Lisa McBeth-Snyder's NURS 411 High-Risk Labor and Delivery course put together several events to promote the White Ribbon Alliance's mission to build alliances, strengthen capacity, influence policies, harness resources and inspire action to save the lives of women and newborns around the world.

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The first event, entitled Wombs Around the World, presented slides and videos to make the audience aware of the hardships of childbirth outside the United States. A guest speaker, Marcia Welsh, spoke about her daily routine as a midwife and the lack of resources available for women around the world who are giving birth.

Students wrapped up the night by selling white ribbon pins to raise money for the organization and thanked the audience for spreading the word about safe childbirth.

Subsequent events were held at various sites around campus, where students set up kiosks with information regarding the White Ribbon Alliance and the mission of this organization. Pins were sold at these kiosks, as well.

In the upcoming weeks, the senior nursing students at UD will continue to fundraise for the White Ribbon Alliance. The next event is at Peace a Pizza, 44 E. Main St., on Monday, Nov. 15, from 5-9 p.m. For patrons who print the coupon at right and present it as they purchase their food, 20 percent of sales will be donated to the White Ribbon Alliance.

This group of students has become emotionally invested in the goals of the White Ribbon Alliance and the overall message of this organization, noting that women around the world are senselessly suffering through childbirth when it should be a time of celebration and joy.

The students said they hope to continue working with the White Ribbon Alliance to raise funds, host events, and heighten awareness of this global problem.

Article by Kelly Westgate