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3:42 p.m., Nov. 22, 2010----UDMart is being retired and replaced by the new and improved Blue Hen Market designed to make work life easier for University of Delaware faculty and staff who have struggled with the purchasing methods in the old system.

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Blue Hen Market, the University's online purchasing center, allows point-and-click purchasing from contracted suppliers for any UD credit card holders.

With this new online purchasing tool, you can conduct business on a daily basis for office or laboratory needs.

The tool provides contact information, UD account numbers to receive discounted rates, or website links that will take you to a supplier's site, set up for UD faculty and staff to get the best deal offered to the University of Delaware.

While in Blue Hen Market, you can also access the UD internal service providers' webforms to fulfill your needs. Click here to visit the website.

Blue Hen Market was unveiled in May at the Employee Benefits Fair, and is currently being used by hundreds of UD credit card holders.

After a six-month transition, Blue Hen Market will now completely replace the out-of-date UDMart.

UDMart will be retired on Nov. 30, in conjunction with the work being conducted to have UD compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard was created to increase controls around credit card data and to decrease its exposure to fraud and compromise. The standard applies to all organizations that hold, process, or exchange cardholder information from any card branded with the logo of one of the card brands, in UD's case, it is VISA.

Going through the Blue Hen Market interface, the user will receive a pop up window with a supplier's contact information, rep name, phone number, email address and, if pertinent, the UD account number to receive discounted prices. Many suppliers also have a link that will display current UD-negotiated pricing as users look through the catalogs.

From Blue Hen Market home page, along with accessing leveraged contracted suppliers, you can also access the 15 individual UD request for service webforms and access pertinent UD sites such as UDeploy, for learning about available software.

A new link has recently been added to Blue Hen Market for the Community Outreach Directory. This directory can give you an array of suppliers that are classified as small, disadvantaged businesses through a self-registering website currently housing nearly 200 vendors.

To contact small, disadvantaged, women-owned, or minority-owned businesses, visit the Community Outreach Supplier Directory.

Blue Hen Market will be ever changing as the supplier base changes, so check back often.

An FAQ link is available to help you navigate the Blue Hen Market site.

Remember to let UD Procurement Services know how everything is working by contacting the office at [].