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2:26 p.m., March 9, 2011----University of Delaware Information Technologies has created new roundtable discussion sessions in response to feedback from the campus community that people would like to see how others use technology. In addition, some people feel that they have novel approaches to certain tasks or problems that could benefit others.

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IT staff will facilitate each discussion starting with one or two examples shared during previous LearnIT@UD sessions on a related topic. For example, staff will show how you can easily create a survey using Google Forms. Each session offers the opportunity to ask questions about specific problems.

The roundtable sessions featured this month are:

Google Apps Roundtable Discussion

On March 16, the session will focus on how people are using Google Apps on campus. After IT staff share best practices from around campus, participants will contribute ideas and experiences and discuss how Google Apps benefits their department. Google Apps experts will be on hand to offer suggestions, but mainly, participants will learn from each other how to make the best use of Google Apps.

iPad FAQ and Roundtable Discussion

The discussion on March 18 will provide a brief overview of the iPad/iOS with some iPad tips and tricks. There will be a demo of how to use iTunes to manage files including presentations, music, video, books, and docs. If you are a seasoned iPad user, please come and share the apps that work for you and hear from others. Bring your questions and find the answers to some common questions such as:

What are some typing shortcuts?
What are some of the most popular iPad apps, and how can you find a "good" app?
How do you display your iPad screen on a projector?

Excel Roundtable Discussion

Do you have a cool way of using Excel that might interest others? Would you like to see examples of how Excel is being used around campus? If the answer is yes to either question, join us for this Excel roundtable discussion on March 25.

To see a list of all IT training opportunities, visit the LearnIT@UD website.