March 22: 'Leading Well' workshop features NFL life coach


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10:56 a.m., March 16, 2011----Learn about leadership from a man who serves as a life coach to NFL players. On Tuesday March 22, Harry Swayne, director of player development for the Baltimore Ravens, will present “The Challenge of Leadership: Leading Well” workshop from 4:30-6:30.

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Swayne oversees the Ravens' player development program, which is a model for other NFL teams and educational institutions. It helps professional football players create a plan for life after the game.

The average career of an NFL player is just 3-5 years. During their careers, Swayne works with players, helping them develop into citizens who make positive contributions to their communities, further their educations, deepen their senses of ethics and learn to make smart decisions.

The Leading Well workshop will teach leaders to recognize they can accomplish more by emphasizing the strengths of team members rather than their own talents alone. Swayne will discuss four key themes: how to define leadership, what is success in leadership, how people want to be led and the thinking of great leaders.

This free workshop is open to the campus community; an RSVP is required. Register here. The event, sponsored by the Blue Hen Leadership Program, includes both a meet and greet and Swayne's talk.