Library provides 'Inorganic Crystal Structure Database' (ICSD)


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10:14 a.m., March 3, 2011----The University of Delaware Library has announced the availability of a new electronic database, Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD), produced by FIZ Karlsruhe - Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure. ICSD is available for use by University of Delaware students, faculty and staff from the Library database page.

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Inorganic Crystal Structure Database covers the period 1913 to the present and includes more than 100,000 entries from more than 1,900 periodicals, with approximately 8,000-10,000 new entries added each year. About 98,000 entries (72.3 percent) have been assigned a structure type. There are currently 5,594 structure prototypes.

The database currently contains:

--1,514 crystal structures of the elements,
--25,823 records for binary compounds,
--48,920 records for ternary compounds and
--49,525 records for quarternary and quintenary compounds.

Full structural data (cell parameters, atom positions for all entries, displacement parameters), full bibliographic data and full structure description (structural formula, compositions, ANX formulae, structure types) are provided. In addition, users can create a personalized account to store personalized queries.