Revised travel, credit card policies take effect Feb. 1


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1:30 p.m., Jan. 3, 2011----The University of Delaware's newly revised travel and business hosting policy (3-7) and the UD credit card policy (5-22) are both now posted in the UD Policies and Procedures Manual and will be effective at the start of the spring semester, Feb. 1.

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The purpose of these policies is to define and establish the UD procedure and to administer an “accountable plan,” as required by the Internal Revenue Service, regarding travel and business hosting.

Listening to the users across the campus community has resulted in several positive improvements to the travel policy:

-- Per diem reimbursement for personal meals and incidental expenses;
-- Departments may elect to require actual receipts for meal and incidental expenses up to the amount of the per diem for the trip;
-- Mileage rate tied to IRS regulations;
-- No receipt requirement for expenses less than $10; and
-- The allowance for a single class upgrade for air travel, if specific criteria and approvals are fulfilled.

The travel policy, which goes into effect Feb. 1, has a convenient drop down menu on the front page, to assist in navigating the policy. For the convenience of website users, links are accessible throughout the travel policy, including:

-- Fly America Act;
-- Domestic and foreign per diem rates;
-- Egencia, the preferred travel management firm for booking travel;
-- UD websites including Procurement and the Office for International Students and Scholars; and
-- UD webforms to reach the UD credit card enrollment request, requisition/vendor payment request and request for payment to individual

An appendix to the travel policy provides a helpful receipt and documentation requirements matrix, for a quick reference guide.

Complementing the travel and business hosting policy is the revised UD credit card policy. This policy includes:

-- The requirement to use the UD credit card, wherever accepted, when conducting UD business; and
-- A list of definitions and responsibilities related to the UD credit card such as: the responsibilities of the cardholder, the card administrator and the independent reviewer; what is considered support documentation; what is a proxy and how this can be effective in a department for transaction expense signoff.

Varying functionality can be installed on the UD credit card, including low level buying and travel conveniences for air, rail, car and hotel transactions. The policy addresses records retention of pertinent documentation and the processing of reimbursement requests for your out-of-pocket business expenses.

Timely signoff of expenses is through the online reconciliation tool, Works. For further clarity, online tutorials for Works are available throughout the Procurement website.

A Procurement staff member will be able to address departmental questions submitted through the Procurement mailbox at [] or by calling 831-2161.