UD Physical Therapy Clinic recognized by Army officer
U.S. Army Col. Edward DeLissio, left, recognizes therapists at the UD Physical Therapy Clinic for their assistance in his recovery from knee surgery. They are, from left, Anthony Carroll, orthopedic physical therapy resident; Andrew Lynch, doctoral student and staff therapist; Karla Bell, assistant professor and associate director of orthopedic physical therapy; Airelle Hunter-Giordano, associate director of sports physical therapy; and Laura Schmitt, assistant professor and director of clinical education.


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1:42 p.m., Jan. 14, 2011----Col. Edward DeLissio was so impressed with the care he received in the Physical Therapy Clinic at the University of Delaware that he presented therapist Anthony Carroll and his colleagues with an official “Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Clinical Team Effort.”

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Carroll, who received his bachelor's degree in exercise science at UD in 2007 and his doctorate in physical therapy in 2010, was completing an orthopedic residency in physical therapy during the eight months that he treated the colonel following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. A resident of Middletown, Del., DeLissio is with the U.S. Army Reserve in the 3rd Brigade, 9th Division.

Carroll and the team were honored for “ensuring complete, comprehensive, professional rehabilitation while showing a remarkable sense of caring, knowledge, and willingness to go the extra mile to help a soldier rejoin the troops following his ACL injury.”

Now a fellow in spine rehabilitation at Kaiser Permanente in California, Carroll credits the team approach at UD, as well as DeLissio's own efforts, with his favorable outcome.

“The PT Clinic at UD adopts a collective viewpoint in treating patients,” he says. “Everyone pitches in whenever possible, and all of our clients get comprehensive care. That's a great benefit of working at the clinic and being treated there.”

“The colonel was very invested in his own care,” Carroll adds. “He was one of the hardest-working patients I've ever had, and he was extremely appreciative of our help in getting him back with his troops.”

When Carroll and his colleagues learned that DeLissio would be required to pass a test on a bicycle when he returned to duty, they stayed after hours to help him prepare.

“We treated him as if he was a high-level athlete getting back into competition,” Carroll says. “It's fantastic to see someone like him go from barely getting around on crutches to running with his troops again.”

Originally from Cape May, N.J., Carroll plans to specialize in spine care. “UD has been incredibly supportive of me doing this fellowship at Kaiser,” he says. “Everyone here recognizes the value in going somewhere else to gain new ideas and broaden our perspective to provide the best treatment possible for our patients.”

“Anthony is an outstanding example of a dedicated physical therapist determined to care for his patients with cutting-edge evidence-based techniques and interventions,” says Tara Jo Manal, director of clinical services and physical therapy residency training at UD.

“He was tireless in scouring the evidence related to orthopedic physical therapy and learning the most he could during his residency training program here. After an intense year, he immediately signed up for a second round of advanced fellowship training in manual therapy at Kaiser Permanente. Anthony has demonstrated his unyielding commitment to his patients and to lifelong learning.”

UD Physical Therapy Clinic and Residency Programs

UD's Physical Therapy Clinic in McKinly Lab is home to PT residency programs in orthopedics, sports, and geriatrics. Beginning in 2011, it will also offer, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the UD-Hopkins Neurological PT Residency program.

Residency programs provide an opportunity for licensed physical therapists to follow an advanced training program in a sub-specialty area of physical therapy under the direction of board-certified faculty with expertise in the field of interest. The University of Delaware is the only program in the nation with residency programs in four major areas of physical therapy.

The PT Clinic is open to University faculty, staff, and students as well as the general public.

Article by Diane Kukich
Photo by Duane Perry