Employee Education and Development announces Feb. 1 workshops


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9:47 a.m., Jan. 14, 2011----The University of Delaware's Employee Education and Development group has announced Feb. 1 workshops on “Keeping Your Financial Focus During a Stressful Economy” and “Teambuilding.”

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Keeping Your Financial Focus During a Stressful Economy

Today's struggling economy has impacted many people with resulting stress as investments have declined and sources of income have been threatened.

Awareness of these stressors and their impact on our financial decision-making will be reviewed during this workshop.

Discussion of money management and how to set a budget is presented as well as practical tips to stretch a dollar and how to handle unexpected expenses.

Lastly, the workshop will review resiliency and those personal characteristics necessary to help people not only survive this slower economy but also to achieve even greater success when the economy improves.

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Inevitably, the workplace is filled with different personality types, all of whom are trying to work together to achieve a common goal for the company.

By learning how to effectively team build, coworkers can work increase productivity.

This is achieved through effective and open communication, respect, support, and leadership, maintaining and enhancing of the self-esteem of coworkers is an integral part of an effective team.

Team members and team leaders can become more meaningful contributors to the team and be able to achieve their common goals.

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