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9:44 a.m., Feb. 7, 2011----In light of the recent shootings in Arizona, where six people were killed by a gunman who previously had displayed disruptive behavior on a community college campus, the University of Delaware Office of the Dean of Students reminds members of the UD community that serious concerns about students' health and safety or the safety of the campus can be reported to the Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT) or to the Dean of Students Office.

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Besides promoting campus safety, the SBCT works to develop support plans to promote student health, wellbeing and successful academic experiences, said Dawn Thompson, dean of students and associate vice president for student life.

“The SBCT offers a coordinated approach to helping students who are experiencing distress and are of concern to the University,” Thompson said.

Available on the SBCT website, “Recognizing and Helping Students in Distress: A Guide for Faculty and Staff” offers advice on recognizing and helping students in distress and steps to take, including talking to one's supervisor or department chair or calling the Dean of Student's Office.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to inform the SBCT or the Dean of Students Office about anyone who has engaged in threatening behaviors or done something that has raised serious concern about their well-being, stability or potential for violence or suicide.

To contact the SBCT, call the Dean of Students Office at 302-831-8939 or email [].

For more information, including the downloadable guide, visit the SBCT website.

In emergency situations, members of the UD community should call Campus and Public Safety at 302-831-2222 or 911.