Hand sanitizers available on four campuses

2:57 p.m., Sept. 22, 2009----With national concerns about the spread of H1N1 influenza, the top suggestion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to be "wash your hands."

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To help members of the University community heed that advice, 37 hand sanitizer stations have been placed at key locations on the Newark, Wilmington, Lewes and Georgetown campuses.

The locations of the touch-free, Purell dispensers are detailed on a new map, a PDF of which is available here. The map includes current locations; the stations are portable and may be moved, based on events.

There is also a link to the map on the University's H1N1 411 Web page.

University offices and departments interested purchasing their own hand sanitizer stations can purchase them from UDMart, in the category for "Safety Items." The cost of the stations is $40.70 for the stands (dispensers are free) and $56.34 for a box of refills, which contains two refill cartridges. UDMart also stocks 2 ounce bottles of sanitizers for individuals to carry with them, 12 ounce bottles for desks and Purell wipes for cleaning surfaces.