Record 334 students receive General Honors Awards
Alan Fox, director of the University of Delaware Honors Program, addresses students during a ceremony Nov. 8.
Bobby Gempesaw, center, dean of the Lerner College of Business and Economics, congratulates Honors Program student David Gempesaw, his son.
A large crowd turned out for the Nov. 8 Honors Program ceremony.


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1:43 p.m., Nov. 19, 2009----A record 334 students in the University of Delaware Honors Program were recognized at an afternoon ceremony Sunday, Nov. 8, at John M. Clayton Hall, where they received certificates and public congratulations for their accomplishments over the past two years.

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Speaking to the honorees, family members and guests of the University community during the ceremony, Alan Fox, director of the University Honors Program and professor of philosophy, said: "Honors students are typically impressive. It's inspiring and reassuring that we're still turning out high quality students. It's promising to see such accomplished students."

Honors Program students receive the General Honors Award in recognition of completing academic challenges and enrichment opportunities in their first two years at the University.

Requirements for the award, which is permanently noted on students' transcripts, include:

  • Completion of 18 credits of honors coursework over the first two years, with a minimum of 12 credits required in the first year, three of which must include an interdisciplinary honors colloquium;
  • Maintenance of a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00;
  • Completion of a minimum of 60 total credits (including advanced placement and/or transfer credits) by the end of the second year, with at least 48 of those credits earned at UD; and
  • Residence in freshman honors housing during the first year at UD.

The honorees represent 74 percent of the 450 Honors Program students in the Class of 2011. Among the award recipients, 75 percent have GPAs of 3.5 or higher and three of them have perfect 4.00 GPAs.

A list of the students who were honored is available online.

Article by Erica Cohen
Photos by Mike Baker