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9:29 a.m., June 25, 2010----UD in the News provides a roundup of recent news items about the University of Delaware, its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

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Patricia DeLeon, Trustees Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and a member of the University's Board of Trustees, was featured in a June 24 Guyana Review article about increasing the Caribbean's human capital in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Stefanie Baxter, research associate with the Delaware Geological Survey, was quoted in a June 24 News Journal article about calls received following an earthquake centered in Canada.

Ralph Begleiter, Edward and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor of Communication, Distinguished Journalist in Residence and director of UD's Center for Political Communication, was quoted in a June 23 News Journal article about comments by Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone that were critical of Vice President Joe Biden. "The office of the vice president has never really been a major political power in Washington. I would say Obama has used Biden in a much more visible and cutting-edge way,” Begleiter said. “The fact that McChrystal and his aide include the vice president in Obama's decision-making machinery suggests Biden is a power in the White House."

Cory Whaley, a Cooperative Extension agent, was quoted in a June 23 News Journal article about the hot, dry spell, which is taking a toll on plants. "It's terrible. I'd say almost the whole county is dry, and in some places it's severe,” Whaley said. “We've got drying corn that's really shriveling up. It's not growing and it's probably half to a quarter of the size it should be."

James Corbett, professor in the School of Marine Science and Policy, was featured in a June 22 SolveClimate article about the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a teachable moment. Corbett has developed a website that shows how much oil is being wasted and the number of cars, trucks and ships it could have been used to power. “One of the messages here is that this is not fuel for very many cars, compared to the consequences of the spill,” Corbett said. “And the consequence here is bigger than anybody envisioned.”

Corbett was quoted in a June 21 Washington Times Inside the Beltway column about the fallout of the oil spill, saying, “Given that the U.S. cannot explore offshore resources risk free, one wonders if energy conservation is a bipartisan climate issue, a bipartisan energy security issue, or a bipartisan economic recovery issue.” Corbett also was cited in a June 20 KYW Newsradio report and in a June 19 Economic Times report.

Allen Barnett, professor of electrical and computer engineering, was quoted in a June 22 Washington Post article about the challenge of harnessing solar energy. "It makes sense to buy right now,” Barnett told the Post. “The current technology is cost-effective, especially with the tax incentives available in the Washington area."

Gregory Binford, associate professor of plant and soil sciences, was featured in a June 22 News Journal article about research aimed at keeping nitrogen out of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. "Nitrogen management is one of the greatest challenges during the production of corn," Binford said. "The challenge is in determining the difference between the optimal rate of nitrogen and any rate above this optimal."

Charles Epifanio, Maxwell P. and Mildred H. Harrington Professor of Marine Studies, was quoted in a June 22 Cape Gazette article about the 2010 blue crab harvest, which promises to be strong.

Charles Elson, Edgar S. Woolard, Jr., Chair and director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, was quoted in a June 21 Cincinnati Enquirer article about executive compensation, with many CEOs in that metropolitan area taking pay cuts. "That makes sense -- 2009 was a bad year, it's not surprising that companies would cut pay," Elson said. Also, Elson was quoted in a June 18 Bloomberg News report on the retirement of a key General Motors board member.

Matthew Oliver, assistant professor in the School of Marine Science and Policy, was featured in a June 21 News Journal article about research concerning the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the need for broadband frequencies to relay vital information.

John Feliciani, a UD alumnus, was featured in a June 21 Philadelphia Inquirer article about his retirement as the curator of horticulture at Winterthur.

Elizabeth Orsega-Smith, associate professor in the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, was quoted in a June 21 Santa Clarita Valley (Calif.) Signal article about senior citizens and the use of Wii to keep fit. “Wii playing may be a vehicle for physical activity participation, especially for those older adults who do not have access to a fitness facility or who may have physical limitations due to their mobility,” Orsega-Smith said.

A recent National Science Foundation ARRA Report featured UD's Critical Zone Observatory, among other American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects.

Christine Bayles-Kortsch, who received a doctorate in English from UD in 2006, was featured in the June 9 The Times Literary Supplement, which reviewed her new book Dress Culture in Late Victorian Women's Fiction: Literacy, Textiles, and Activism.