Public Health releases new figures on confirmed H1N1 cases

2:35 p.m., May 5, 2009----As of May 5, the Delaware Division of Public Health has announced that there are 4 additional confirmed cases of H1N1 flu who are UD students. The number of confirmed cases at UD is now 24.

Public Health officials noted that the changes in the number of cases at UD reflects the backlog of lab tests, rather than an actual increase in new infections.

With confirmation from CDC last Thursday that H1N1 flu is present in the UD community, routine testing of UD students was no longer required and all flu-like symptoms were treated as potential H1N1 flu.

On May 5, Public Health also reported that there have been no hospitalization with H1N1 in the state and that symptoms have been mild.

For more information about H1N1 in the state of Delaware, visit the Delaware Division of Public Health Web site.