DPH reports statewide H1N1 numbers

5:01 p.m., May 2, 2009----As of 3:45 p.m., Saturday, May 2, the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) received two probable test results for H1N1 influenza from individuals who are not University of Delaware students. Additional confirmations and probable cases from UD students were also reported Saturday.

All reported symptoms in all confirmed and probable cases were mild, and individuals were treated appropriately and are recovering. Some no longer have symptoms.

The two new non-UD students included:

* A student at the First State School, a school of 15 students with special health conditions on the campus of Wilmington Hospital. The school is operated by the Red Clay School District. After consulting with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state public health officials are recommending the school remain open because the students receive medical care at the school. While there is no causal link, students from UD were present at a First State School event Friday, April 24.

* A student at Baltz Elementary School in Elsmere, which is also operated by the Red Clay School District. Based on the advice of Delaware public health officials, and current guidelines from the CDC, Baltz will be closed on Monday and likely for some period of time after that. Guidance from the CDC is evolving with regard to how long schools with probable or confirmed cases of H1N1 virus should be closed.

Overall for Delaware, as of Saturday afternoon, the number of H1N1 cases is:

* 10 confirmed, up from 4 Friday. All of those confirmed are UD students.

* 16 probable, awaiting confirmation by CDC. All but the two school-aged children are UD students.

The probable and confirmed cases involving UD students is merely the result of obtaining lab results on samples from students tested earlier in the week. With confirmation from CDC Thursday that H1N1 flu is present in the community, routine testing of UD students was no longer required and all flu-like symptoms were treated as potential H1N1 flu.

Noting the mild symptoms and the capacity of the University Student Health Services to handle any students seeking treatment, the temporary DPH clinic on UD's campus closed Friday afternoon.

Health officials from UD, DPH, Christiana Care and CDC continue to support the decision to keep the campus open.

DPH recommends that any person with flu-like symptoms should seek medical treatment, and follow recovery guidelines, including not going to work, school or traveling. The University of Delaware has worked through the week to convey those recommendations to its students.