Employee performance appraisal rate close to 90 percent
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5:13 p.m., Aug. 27, 2008----The return rate for the most recent University of Delaware employee performance appraisals increased dramatically to nearly 90 percent from 35 percent in 2007, Richie Holland, manager of human resources and affirmative action, has announced.

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“I want to express my thanks to all managers and employees for helping the Office of Human Resources reach the goal of increasing participation for this past year,” Holland said.

Holland, who conducted training sessions for managers last December and February, said the process should continue with quarterly check in meetings with staff throughout the year.

“By conducting these meetings, managers and employees have the opportunity to discuss progress on goals and objectives that were discussed and established during the annual appraisal,” Holland said. “Also, by holding these meetings, there should be no surprises at the annual appraisal meeting in 2009.”

Holland will hold a workshop on setting and communicating performance goals and standards from 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 11. To register for the workshop, send e-mail with name and department, to [employeetraining@udel.edu].

For more information about the appraisal process, visit [www.udel.edu/EMPRELATION/appraisal.html].

Article by Martin Mbugua