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Carpools are a convenient and sustainable way for students, faculty, and staff to commute to and from campus.

For more information, select your category from our online options page, or contact the Parking Services Office at (302) 831-1184.

Ride partnership

UD has partnered with Ride, a ridesharing program that makes commuting easier and less expensive, while also helping the environment. Interrested parties can find more information here.

Biking at UD

A number of students and employees take advantage of community bikeways to ride to class or work. Many of Newark’s main arteries have either bike lanes or are marked so motorists know to share the road. The University provides bike racks at many buildings and University shuttle buses are equipped with convenient bike racks.

The University requires that every bicycle operated, parked or stored on campus be registered.

All bicycle operators must follow local and state regulations and laws concerning bicycles.

Bicycles must be secured to a bike rack each time they are left unattended on campus for any period of time. Bicycles should not be locked, secured, or otherwise attached to any non-approved bicycle racks such as handrails, fences, trash receptacles, trees, trip rails, or signposts. Bicycles shall not be parked in any other manner that constitutes a safety hazard, or in such a manner as to interfere with the access to facilities as required by the U.S. Americans with Disabilities   Act.

Diagram on where to find your Bike Serial Number.

Do It Yourself Repair Stations

In conjunction with the StUDent Government Association and the University Student Centers, Parking & Transportation Services installed and manages the bicycle repair stations. The stations include wrenches, screwsrivers, tire levers, and pumps and are located at the following locations:

  • UD Creamery
  • Thompson Hall
  • Kirkbride Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • Rodney Complex
  • Morris Library


For more information visit:

Walkability on Campus

Walking offers a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around campus, and the University has attractive and well-lit brick pathways radiating from the Green at central campus to residences to the north, east and west. For walkers on central campus, there is a pedestrian overpass to ease crossing of South College Avenue. For those moving south from the Laird Campus, there is a pedestrian bridge.

UD Walkabout map

Zipcar car sharing

Save time, money and the environment. The University of Delaware has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area.

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