Examples of Town/ Gown initiatives. In 2003 University will contribute over $255,000 to City.
Additionally University economic impact on local economy exceeds over $2.1 billion.

• Improved campus appearance with new brickwork and landscaping.
—Project work started-1991

• The Neighborhood Mortgage Assistance Program approved by the University.
—Program began-1996.

•• The acquisition and implementation of the grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
—Grant approved-1996

• Payment of $18,540 for removed Trabant site parking meters began in 1995 and was raised to $29,355 in 1997.

• $6,500 was contributed to the City of Newark toward the Hyatt/Palma Study.
—Grant approved-1997

•• Development of the Preferred Tenant Program for students living off campus.
—Program began-1998

• The University of Delaware contributes $24,000/year and participates in the Downtown Partnership Association.
—Began participation and funding-1998

• The Town and Gown Committee was established.
—City of Newark ordinance approved-10/9/00

• Payment of $16,585 for removed Hullihen site parking meters.
—Payment began in 2000

•• The close cooperation between the City of Newark Police Department and the corresponding University of Delaware police.

• $20,000 was contributed and another $7,000 was raised from the community for Aetna in 2000 to purchase of pagers.
—Grants made-2000

• Addition of Board of Trustee member to Town and Gown Committee
—City of Newark ordinance approved-10/22/01

•• The University increase of $60,000 in subvention payments to the City of Newark to cover the cost of two additional police officers.
—Increase began in 2001

•• University gives public notice of development projects before the designs are finalized.
Performing Arts Center-2002
Replacement of the Pencader Dorms-2002

•• The University of Delaware reports issues of Univ/City to Newark City Council at every regular meeting of the Council.
Practice began-2002

•• The development of the hotel project through the City of Newark planning and approval process.
—Project submitted to City of Newark-2002

• Annual report to a meeting of the Newark City Council of the University development projects in the year to follow.
—First report to City Council-2002

• Increased management of on-campus fraternities, requiring a limited house occupancy and on-site supervision.
—Policy developed-2002

• Addition of a Newark area resident to the Town and Gown Committee
—State Senate confirmation of Trustee-6/30/02

• Newark Town Meeting program, including interviews of stakeholders, a part of Dr. April Vaness’s social geography class.
—Town Meeting held-11/13/02

• Annual $4,000 contribution to Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder C. Raised to $5,000 in 2001.
—Grant began-1987

•• Items noted at meeting of the Public Affairs and Advancement Committee meeting on Nov. 14, 2002.