Prohibited Furniture or Trash

RE: Prohibited Furniture and/or Trash at (address)

Date of Inspection:

Dear (Tenant/Owner):

Inspection of the above mentioned property disclosed prohibited furniture located in an exterior area of the property. This is a violation of Chapter 17, Article 4, Sections 302.11 and 302.1 of the Municipal Code.

Interior type furniture that would be adversely affected by the elements and/or susceptible to infestation by insects, rats, or other vermin, is prohibited from being placed outside a structure. Such prohibited furniture shall include, but is not limited to, upholstered couches and chairs or other fabric covered articles not designed or intended for exterior use.

Pursuant to Chapter 17, Article 4, Section 302.12 of the Newark City Code, consider this a notice to correct this condition by removing the prohibited furniture within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of this notice. If the prohibited furniture is not removed within the time specified, the City may remove the furniture and the owner will be billed in accordance with Section 17©5 of the City Code. If the cost of the removal is not paid within fifteen (15) days, the cost shall be liened to the property on the next regular tax bill.

In addition, failure, neglect or refusal to comply with this notice within the specified time authorizes the City to issue a summons to appear before the Alderman's Court as provided by law. For bulk pick-up call 366-7045.

Your cooperation in correcting this condition will be appreciated so that further action will not be necessary.

Property Maintenance Inspector