Trash and Rubbish at Time of Move Out

TO: Rental Property Tenants

FROM: Newark Building/Public Works Departments

SUBJ: Trash and Rubbish at Time of Move Out

Many times when a lease expires, tenants abandon old furniture, clothing, appliances, etc. The City's regularly scheduled refuse collection will NOT pick up large items or excessive amounts.

If this occurs, private contractors will be authorized to remove these articles. The property owner will be billed and the property will be liened for all costs plus a 50% overhead handling fee. Tenant's security deposits may be confiscated by owners.

We suggest that you avoid this action by requesting a "bulk" pick up for up to three items (for example: couch, mattress, boxspring, etc.) free of charge by contacting the Public Works Department at 366-7045. This must be done two or three weeks prior to pick up date.