Informational Notice on Off-Campus Housing
City of Newark, Delaware

Recent court cases have given reason to believe that many persons may lack an understanding of the serious consequences of illegal tenants in a rental property. When renting or occupying a house, please keep in mind the following:

• Overcrowding a house creates many neighborhood problems.
• Exceeding the legal number of occupants is a crime.
• The City has a rigorous enforcement policy. Violators will be prosecuted.
• A person convicted in Alderman's Court will have a criminal record.
• Graduate schools and employers do check these records on a regular basis.
• More than four unrelated occupants in a house is nearly ALWAYS a crime. More than three may be a crime.
• Landlords must provide a lease with tenant names and the legal number of occupants.

If you have problems or questions, you may contact the Newark Building Department at (302)-366-7075.