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HLM stands for Hierarchical Linear Model. The HLM software is designed to do statistical analyses using data with a hierarchical structure. The HLM/2 program analyzes data with two hierarchical levels, for example students nested within schools. The HLM/3 program analyzes data with three hierarchical levels, for example students nested within classrooms, nested within schools. The conceptual approach is one in which the parameters of level-1 are considered to be functions of level-2 variables (for example).

The HLM software includes five modules, each designed for a different type of analysis

In version 6 of HLM, the "linear" component of the title is, to some extent, a misnomer, since version 6 also handles several nonlinear models, including bernoulii models (logistic regression), binomial models, poisson models, multinomial models and ordinal models.

The current release of the HLM programs is 6.02. The previous release was 5.00. There are several new features for release 6.02.


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