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StarOffice on Sun Ray Terminals at UD

Introduction to StarOffice

StarOffice is a collection of programs to read common office documents and create new ones on the Sun Ray terminals. Office documents may include text documents (e.g., MS Word .doc files), spreadsheets (e.g., MS Excel .xls files), and presentations (e.g., MS PowerPoint .ppt files).

Installing StarOffice in your account

You do not automatically have all the files needed to run StarOffice in your account until the first time you access a file that requires StarOffice or you select a StarOffice application from the Launch > Applications > Office menu. You will see the following message displayed to indicate that the installation program has started to install StarOffice.

please wait

The StarOffice 7 Installation window will be displayed as shown below. Click Next >> to start the installation.

installation started

The Important Information window will appear. Click Next >> to continue.


The Software License Agreement window should appear. Slide the scroll bar to the bottom. This will allow you to click in the box I accept the terms of the Agreement. Click Next >> to continue.


You do not need to enter any user data. Just click Next >> to continue.

user data

Select the Workstation Installation radio button and click Next >> to continue.


Now you are ready to actually install StarOffice. Click Install to begin the installation process.


StarOffice has finished installing. Click Complete to exit the installation program.


Using StarOffice

You will be asked to register StarOffice the first time you use it. Select the Never register radio button and click OK as this copy is already registered to the University of Delaware.

do not register

To create new StarOffice documents, use the following Launch > Applications > Office menu selections. Choosing any of these menu selections the first time will automatically install StarOffice in your account. 

Type of Document Launch > Application > Office  Menu Selection
Word Processing (.doc) StarOffice 7 Text Document
Presentation (.ppt) StarOffice 7 Presentation
Spreadsheet (.xls) StarOffice 7 Spreadsheet

To open an existing document,  double-click the icon in a Nautilus window, or use   Launch > Applications > Office to select the appropriate StarOffice application from the menu.

To print a document, use   File > Print from within the appropriate StarOffice application. Make sure you click on the box to Print to file and click on OK. Enter the filename and click on Save which will save in your Documents directory. Next, open a terminal window on Straus, Launch > Strauss Terminal Window. In that terminal window, type lpr Documents/ to print the file.

More help

Each StarOffice application has its own on-line help.


You may experience some errors if you previously installed StarOffice 7. It is best to remove this old version by selecting Launch > Applications > Utilties > Terminal to open a terminal. In this terminal, type

You may be prompted to remove protected files by typing yes or no. It is okay to type y for each file.

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