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The Gerard J. Mangone Young Scholars Award of the Francis Alison Society

The Mangone Young Scholars Award was created and funded by members of the Francis Alison Society, which consists of the senior professors who have received the Francis Alison Faculty Award of the University. The purpose of the award is to recognize promising young scholars at the University and encourage their future development of research at the University.

All tenure-track assistant professors at the University are eligible for the award.

Nominations for the award are made by department chairs or by a dean where there is no department in a college. Nominations require

  1. a curriculum vitae of the nominee,
  2. an endorsement letter by the chair or dean, and
  3. one research publication, book, article, or other work that the applicant considers his/her best achievement.

Criteria for the award are originality and excellence of the nominee's publications, especially where research has contributed significantly to the academic program of the department or college.

Nominations must be received by the Secretary of the Francis Alison Society, Dr. Donald L. Sparks, 153A Townsend Hall or, before July 1st. Judgment is made by a committee of the Francis Alison Society. The award is generally announced in the Fall and carries with it a distinctive plaque as well as a cash award of $2,000. Recipients of the award are expected to make an informal presentation of their current research before the Provost and the Francis Alison Society.

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