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Summer Session 2017


The Get Ahead program is a five-week residential program that gives incoming first-year students the opportunity to get an early start on their academic careers. The program allows new freshmen to become acclimated to the campus and to the academic rigors of college during the summer immediately preceding their first semester at the University. Students may earn up to eight credits. Get Ahead is a structured program designed to facilitate the transition from high school to the rigors of college. Participants take university courses that would normally be taken during the fall or spring of freshman year and participate in a variety of informational, personal, social and recreational activities. The program runs July 9- August 10. For more information please visit the Get Ahead website at or email

UD "Edge" - Summer Pre-college program

The UD Edge summer college program encourages motivated high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year to expand their educational experience through college-level study at the University. During the five-week program, students live in supervised residence halls, take freshmen-level courses taught by University faculty and participate in a variety of social and cultural activities. Students select courses from a curriculum of traditional and innovative offerings. On successful completion of the courses, they earn regular University credit, which many colleges and universities accept as transfer credit. See for application and other information. For more information visit our website or email

Honors Courses

Honors courses are open to students in the Honors Program (UDHP) whose grade point indices are 3.0 or higher. During the initial registration period, only UDHP students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will be registered for Honors courses. Once spring semester grades are posted, students who are not in the Honors Program and have grade point indices of 3.0 or higher should consult the Honors Course Information page at for information on how to request a seat in an Honors course. Further information is available at the Honors Program office at 186 South College Ave., or 831-1195.

Service Learning

Information about service-learning for both students and faculty can be found through the Community Engagement Initiative (CEI). The Service Learning Scholars Program, which enables students to participate in individual faculty-guided service-learning projects during the summer, is housed in the CEI. For further information visit the CEI site or the CEI office at 182D Graham Hall, Academy Street (302-831-3188).

Undergraduate Research Program

University faculty accept undergraduates as their assistants or junior members of their research teams in the belief that unusually well-motivated students should be given the chance, while they are still beginners, to see and have a part in what is happening at the frontiers of knowledge.

The Undergraduate Research Program helps interested students and faculty to meet and discuss apprenticeship possibilities. Most students earn academic credit for the apprenticeships; qualified work-study students may earn grant money doing research. Scholar Stipends are available for full-time summer undergraduate research. Each scholar will receive a stipend of $4,000. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships are also available for students who wish to combine research with summer coursework or other summer commitments. Projects are available in all University departments and areas of research and are available on the web at: .

For further information, contact the Undergraduate Research Program, 180 South College Ave (302) 831-8995

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